Application Checklist for U.S. Applicants
Welcome to SOPHAS!
SOPHAS is the centralized application service for CEPH-accredited schools and programs of public health.

We encourage you to follow the instructions with the checklist provided below. Please allow ample time to complete the application process. Once SOPHAS has received your completed application and credentials, it may take up to four weeks to verify and deliver your application to your choice of accredited institutions.

check Identify at least three recommenders.
check Enter ALL institutions attended in the "Colleges and Universities Attended" section on the application.
check Print the Transcript Request Form(s) to send to your Registrar or Institution Official for immediate delivery to SOPHAS. We suggest you order a student copy for yourself as well.
check Enter ALL U.S. and Canadian Coursework taken.
check Self-report all standardized tests taken and have your official GRE, PCAT, and MCAT scores sent to SOPHAS.
check Upload your CV or Resume.
check Compose your "Statement(s) of Purpose and Objectives" using a text-only word processor (e.g. Notepad). Your statement gives you the opportunity to submit a custom narrative for each institution to which you are applying.
check Select programs of study best suited to your personal interests in the "Designations" section on the application ( Many institutions allow for multiple degree/concentration options.

You can submit your completed application anytime, however, once you have submitted no changes can be made, although you may add additional designations.  Do not wait for reference letters or test scores to arrive prior to submission.

Helpful Hint: Log in frequently to check your application status in the "Status" section of the application portal to ensure the timely submission of your external documents (

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