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MPH - Lifestyle Medicine (Online)
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In the Lifestyle Medicine Program, health professionals with relevant clinical health professional degrees are empowered to provide lifestyle change interventions and promote healthy behaviors for patients with chronic diseases or patients at risk of chronic diseases, while understanding the population determinants of wellness, health, and disease. The curriculum emphasizes interventions based on scientific data and established behavioral and learning theories that promote individual and public health through the processes of education, health behavior change, and health promotion. It emphasizes that health professionals who are not physicians are not enabled to practice medicine when awarded this degree. The curriculum focuses on teaching public health practice classes that are needed to possess core skills in public health, in evaluating the scientific literature, and in understanding and applying the science of disease prevention in the context of mind-body interaction. More practice-oriented classes teach the scientific basis and applications of exercise prescriptions, nutrition counseling, tobacco cessation, and health behavior change techniques. Graduates may use their skills acquired in the program to enhance their current clinical knowledge and skills in medicine, nursing, clinical psychology, osteopathy, pharmacy, or other health professions. They are academically prepared to apply preventive methodologies to chronic diseases and risk factors; conduct individual health assessments; provide medical lifestyle counseling; properly evaluate and apply lifestyle medicine-related research findings, and lead and evaluate health promotion projects. Prerequisites: Clinical health professional degree (including but not limited to medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, nursing), minimum four years of college education,clinical psychology, pharmacy, or physical therapy; or training as a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, chiropractor, licensed exercise physiologist, or registered dietitian. Anatomy and physiology (full course sequence), Pathology of human systems Alumni Profiles:
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Loma Linda University, School of Public Health has a rolling admissions process for U.S. students. We will accept and examine applications as they are sent in, instead of waiting to judge all applications concurrently. This gives you the advantage of finding out early on whether or not you are accepted. Please note the deadlines posted are the soft deadlines for a specified term that will allow sufficient processing time of a complete application. If you have questions contact
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