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MPH - Epidemiology ((Medical Epidemiology Track I))
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Winter 2015
12/1/2014 (Expired)
US applicants
10/1/2014 (Expired)
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Spring 2015
3/1/2015 (Expired)
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12/15/2014 (Expired)
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Summer 2015
6/1/2015 (Expired)
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3/15/2015 (Expired)
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Fall 2015
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6/15/2015 (Expired)
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The program leading to an M.P.H. degree in epidemiology provides theoretical and practical training applicable to a variety of public health issues. Two concentrations are offered by the program, and each is designed to meet a particular professional need. The MPH in Medical Epidemiology is specifically targeting health professionals (e.g. MD, nurses, PT, OT, pharmacists) who are interested in becoming proficient in research or in practicing epidemiology in a Public Health setting (e.g. Public Health department, CDC, cancer registries, WHO), or clinical setting (hospital epidemiologists). Prerequisites: Calculus (one course), Behavioral science (one course) Concentration-specific prerequisite in addition to prerequisites required for the degree: License to practice a health profession in the United States or the country of usual residence. Alumni Profiles:
Applicant Test Requirements:
» All Applicants: (One of the following)  GRE  GMAT  MCAT  DAT
» Additional International: TOEFL
» Comment:If applicant has received 4 year degree in the United States
Distance Learning: No
Peace Corps: No
One Year or Less Program: No
Loma Linda University, School of Public Health has a rolling admissions process for U.S. students. We will accept and examine applications as they are sent in, instead of waiting to judge all applications concurrently. This gives you the advantage of finding out early on whether or not you are accepted. Please note the deadlines posted are the soft deadlines for a specified term that will allow sufficient processing time of a complete application. If you have questions contact
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