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DrPH - Health Policy and Leadership
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Spring 2015
11/15/2014 (Expired)
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Fall 2015
3/15/2015 (Expired)
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The current, rapidly changing health and healthcare landscapes, marked by significant health disparities and varied challenges, demands a diversity of leadership talents. Moreover, creative approaches are needed to meet these challenges. The Doctor of Public Health degree in health policy and leadership at Loma Linda University provides a unique and wonderful opportunity to serve at the very heart of the intersection of leadership and policy, preparing participants for success in leadership positions that have major influence on policies, programs and the public health system. In respecting their experience and backgrounds, participants in our program may also be called co-learners to emphasize the collegiate and peer-learning environment, including their interaction with faculty members and other mentors. The primary focus of this program is to enhance the skills and abilities of those in positions of leadership; to develop competencies in policy development, analysis, and implementation; to add to the body of knowledge about leadership through observation, reflection, and research; and to bring together leaders who desire to learn, mentor, and model exemplary leadership. Program participants are expected to demonstrate a commitment to the core values of Loma Linda University: compassion, integrity, excellence, freedom, justice, self-control, and humility. This program, in part, meets the great need for leaders of integrity who are agents of change, with understanding in both research and practice. Leadership talents cannot be taught, but they can be developed and strengthened. The design of the program is to help individuals discover their talents and strengths, imagine how they can be developed, and then devise plans to increase and extend their skills and knowledge around those unique strengths. Visit the link for program specific admissions requirements: Alumni Profiles:
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» Additional International: TOEFL
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Loma Linda University, School of Public Health has a rolling admissions process for U.S. students. We will accept and examine applications as they are sent in, instead of waiting to judge all applications concurrently. This gives you the advantage of finding out early on whether or not you are accepted. Please note the deadlines posted are the soft deadlines for a specified term that will allow sufficient processing time of a complete application. If you have questions contact
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